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Bonus gift with any Panasonic heat pump purchased from 1st November to 15th December 2017

Choose from a microwave oven, a micro sound system, or noise cancelling headphones. Bonus gifts are claimed by redemption and delivered direct to you. Now is a great time to get ready for summer and take advantage of this great offer for a fantastic free bonus Panasonic product.
For more information please also see our Panasonic Bonus Gift page



Panasonic is one of our favourite brands of heat pumps.

Why? Because Panasonic heat pumps are packed full of advanced features such a sophisticated air purifying technology, sensors to help direct air flow to where it is actually required, as well as clever timers for multiple on/off operation each day. With the addition of the optional Wi-Fi controller you can also control your Panasonic heat pump from wherever you are with your smartphone. The Wi-Fi controller can be used for advanced timer options and temperature adjustments to simply giving you the convenience of turning on your heat pump before leaving work to ensure you come home to a nice warm house. You can even use the Wi-Fi controller to turn on your heat pump from bed on the weekend before you get up for breakfast!

Almost all of Panasonic's range of heat pumps are also Energy Star certified so you know that not only will you be getting a heat pump with clever features, but also a heat pump that is extremely efficient and will cost you less to run. The new 'Z' series heat pumps use the latest refrigerant to give improved efficiencies and better cold weather performance. These latest models also have an improved louvre system which provides enhanced airflow from the machine for improved comfort.

These great features come in a very clean looking heat pump body to help blend in with your decor, and Panasonic heat pumps are great value for money too!

Panasonic also have a range of floor consoles that can be recessed into the wall cavity for an even more discrete finish. This is a feature that very few brands can offer.

Panasonic heat pumps really are 'Clever Made Easy'

For more information download the relevant Panasonic brochure below, or talk to us today. We'd love to hear from you!

Panasonic Aero and Classic Heat Pump Brochure

Panasonic Ducted Brochure

Panasonic Multi-Split Brochure


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