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Compare our heat pump prices to some of the major retailers


At Heat Force we aim to give you great deals on great heat pumps with service that is second to none. To see how we stack up on pricing check out the table below for some direct comparisons against some of the major retailers.
Prices below are for heat pump hardware only, excluding any installation costs, as advertised on the major retailers websites 25th February 2020



Heat Force

Smiths City

Harvey Norman

Noel Leeming

Fujitsu ASTG18LVCC
$1895.00 not advertised not advertised $2499.00
Fujitsu ASTG22LVCC
$2195.00 not advertised not advertised $2999.00
Panasonic Z35VKR
$1525.00 not advertised   $1498.00  not advertised
Panasonic Z42VKR
$1695.00 not advertised   $1785.00  not advertised
Panasonic Z50VKR
$1895.00  not advertised  $1998.00  not advertised
Panasonic Z71VKR
$2675.00  not advertised $2798.00  not advertised
Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ50 rapid heat floor console (5.8kW) $3395.00 $4549.00  $4549.00 not advertised
 Mitsubishi Hypercore MFZ-KJ50VEHZ rapid heat floor console (5.8kW) $3745.00 $5199.00  $5199.00 not advertised
 Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ60 rapid heat floor console (6.8kW) $3895.00  $5199.00  $5199.00 not advertised
 Mitsubishi Hypercore MFZ-KJ60VEHZ rapid heat floor console (6.8kW) $4275.00 $5799.00  $5799.00 not advertised
Mitsubishi MSZ-GL42
$1945.00 $2399.00 $1998.00 $2599.00
Mitsubishi MSZ-GL50 (5.8kW) $2095.00 $2759.00 $2398.00 $3049.00
Mitsubishi MSZ-GL60
$2595.00 $3599.00 $3598.00 $3899.00
Mitsubishi MSZ-GL71
$4429.00 $4426.00 $4549.00
Mitsubishi MSZ-GL80
$3645.00  $4899.00 $4888.00 $4999.00


* Special price
** With Wi-Fi price includes the optional Wi-Fi controller

Our installation costs are also very competitive so it pays to check this when purchasing a heat pump.
For more information or to arrange for a free in-home consultation and quote contact us today. We'd love to hear from you!