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Ducted Heat Pumps


A ducted heat pump system can give you a whole home heating and cooling solution at a surprisingly affordable price.


For a similar cost to just 3 or 4 standard wall mounted heat pumps you can heat and cool your bedrooms or your whole home for absolute comfort all year round.


With a ducted heat pump system most of the hardware is located in the ceiling space with only a few vents in the ceiling being visible inside the house. Not only are ducted systems very discrete but they are also very quiet as there is no mechanical fan noise in any of the rooms.
New ceiling vent products also mean you can now achieve a sleek architectural design look at a much more affordable cost.


With only one unit outside a ducted heat pump system can also reduce the amount of hardware around the house vs. several standard heat pump systems.


If you are building a new home then it is an ideal time to consider installing a ducted heat pump as part of your total home comfort solution. A ducted heat pump can be easily installed at the build stage and in most cases can be installed into existing houses also.

For additional benefits a heat recovery ventilation system can also be incorporated into most ducted heat pump brands. This allows the system to continuously ventilate the whole home while retaining most of the heat energy from inside the house. This will help keep the house fresh and dry without the need to open windows or doors.


All the major brands of heat pumps have their own ducted heat pump solutions and these are all a little different to each other so the correct design and specification are important when selecting a ducted heat pump system for your house.


Heat Force have the design skills, knowledge and installation expertise to help choose and install the right ducted heat pump system for your property.


For more information about ducted heat pumps contact us today. We'd love to hear from you!


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