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Heat Pump Servicing

Residential Heat Pump Servicing, Cleaning, and Maintenance

A full service on your heat pump should be done every year to ensure your heat pump is running at its most efficient.


All heat pump manufacturers recommend that their heat pumps are serviced on a regular basis, as does the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA).

Heat Force can do this important job for you.

Our comprehensive 17 point service includes the following:


Indoor Unit

  • Check & tighten electrical terminals
  • Check temperature output readings
  • Clean & disinfect coils
  • Clean air filters
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check noise level of fan motor
  • Clean unit case
  • Check system fault diagnostics

Outdoor Unit

  • Check refrigerant gas pressures
  • Check electrical current draw
  • Check & tighten electrical terminals
  • Check noise level of fan motor
  • Check noise level of compressor
  • Clean coils
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check unit is level
  • Clean unit case

Something as simple as a small refrigerant gas leak will result in a significant decrease in output and ultimately cause the heat pump to fault and stop working altogether. A small gas leak may not cause any obvious problems for months, or even years, but will be detected and addressed during a full service.

This is just one example of the many benefits there are to having your heat pump serviced on a regular basis by a professional technician.

We will also advise you of any ongoing maintenance that might be required and If we find any faults that need to be repaired we will provide a written quote for any further work that might need to be done.

If your heat pump has broken down and is not economical to repair then we'll also provide you with a sharp quote for a replacement system.

For more information about our residential heat pump servicing contact us today.


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