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NEW! Daikin Hot Water

New release from Daikin - super efficient domestic hot water systems

The latest development from Daikin brings you a new super efficient way of heating your household hot water.

Using proven heat pump technology the new Daikin Altherma R HW systems can save up to 70% of the energy costs to heat your hot water.
The heat pump outdoor unit can be installed in a discrete location to minimise any visual impact, and the included hot water cylinder is solar ready so you can further increase efficiencies by adding additional solar water heating panels. 

Unlike traditional hot water heaters, your hot water does not stay in the storage tank, it is heated instantly as it passes through the tank.
Using a unique dual coil heat exchanger system, the hot water is heated on demand as fresh cold water is drawn through the hot water cylinder. This innovative process eliminates any potential risk of legionella growth, or other bacterial contamination of the hot water from the cylinder.
This process also eliminates the chance of any sludge build up in the tank if the water supply contains any suspended solids, and the stainless steel heat exchanger eliminates the risk of any calcium deposits.
A backup 2.5kW heater in the cylinder also ensures that you will always have hot water available in the unlikely event of any issues with the outdoor heat pump unit.

For more information please also download the product brochure

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