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Heat pump sizing and how to choose the right heat pump for you

Choosing what type, capacity, and brand of heat pump can sometimes be a little overwhelming due to the number of options available.


The good news is that Heat Force are heat pump specialists and we can help guide you through through the decision making process to ensure you get a heat pump that is just right for you.


There are a few simple steps to follow to help you start the process and we'll guide you through the more intricate details during a free in-home consultation.


Getting the capacity right is probably the single most important consideration you need to cover first. If you don't have enough capacity come winter then your heat pump will struggle to deliver the level of heating required to keep you warm and comfortable.


The following table shows some typical heating capacities for various room sizes but there are many other factors to consider when determining capacity such as the number of windows in the room, the level of insulation in the ceiling / floor / walls etc.


Please note that heat pumps are only designed to properly heat the room that they are located in. Choosing an extra large capacity system to try and heat the whole house from the living room is not an effective approach. If you need to heat more than one room then let us know and we'll find a solution for you.


Heat Pump Sizing Guide*

Room Area (m2) 2.4m Stud Height 2.7m Stud Height
20 2.6kW 3.0kW
25 3.3kW 3.7kW
30 4.0kW 4.5kW
36 4.8kW 5.4kW
42 5.6kW 6.3kW
49 6.5kW 7.3kW
56 7.4kW 8.3kW
72 9.5kW 10.7kW

*capacities are indicative only for a modern well insulated house

The other most important consideration is to determine if you need a floor console or wall mounted unit.


Floor console machines are designed specifically as a heating appliance but they usually cost a little bit more to purchase and there may be limitations as to where they can be placed.


Wall mounted systems are very cost effective to purchase and are generally a more flexible option when it comes to installation.


We'll guide you through the pro's and con's of each of these options to ensure you get a heat pump that is right for you.


Finally, but not least, is brand selection. With so many brands and models to choose from this can be a difficult decision to make. Some brands and models have extra features such as 7 day timers, air purifying systems, intelligent motion sensors etc which you may or may not require. We'll help you choose the brand and model which best fits your needs and explain why a particular heat pump is right for you.


With our many years experience in providing expert advice we'll help guide you to find that right heat pump for you and your home. It's an important decision that will effect you and your family for years to come so it needs to be done right.


Talk to us today to find out how we can help or book us in for a free in-home consultation. We'd love to hear from you!



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