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Open for urgent repairs during the lock-down

We are open for urgent essential heat pump breakdown and repair work during the lock-down
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Heating is essential for homes during the lock-down and if your heat pump breaks down and you have no other heating we have technicians available to help. If your heat pump cannot be repaired we can also install a replacement during the lockdown. Talk to us today if you need your heat pump repaired.

To get the most out of your heat pump It is important that you also service it on a regular basis.

Cleaning of your heat pump filters is the simplest and an effective way of keeping your heat pump working well and should be done every few weeks during heavy use.

However, over time the fins on the coil behind the filters, and in the outdoor unit, will become clogged and this can significantly reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of your heat pump.

Once the coils are clogged the heat pump simply cannot move enough air through the coils to provide adequate heating or cooling and the system will run at a fraction of its total capacity and may even fault and stop working altogether.

This problem is one of the most common reasons why heat pumps can struggle to produce enough heat when required.

We provide a full heat pump service where we remove any material clogging the coils as well as disinfecting the indoor unit and checking the overall system performance and operation. We will also diagnose any potential issues or faults and advise if any further maintenance or repairs are required.

Like any mechanical device it is always best to be proactive and maintain your heat pump rather than wait until a major and expensive breakdown happens.

Talk to us today and get your heat pump running like it did when it was brand new!



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