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Ducted Zone Control

Smart zone control for modern ducted heat pump systems

Many people ask "how does zone control work?"
Zone control for a ducted heat pump system simply allows you restrict the air flow, and subsequently restrict the amount of heating or cooling, to a particular room, or zone. A zone may be a single room, or include several rooms that are supplied by a common duct.


By restricting the air flow to a zone you will get less heating or cooling occurring and this will give you some degree of control over the temperature in the zone.
The development of new 'smart' zone control systems such as the AirTouch5 allow much greater control over the temperature of each zone vs. traditional zone controllers as these systems can measure the temperature directly in each zone adjust the amount of air flow into each zone to achieve the desired temperature. Traditional zone control systems are simply 'on / off' regulators that don't control allow a lot of temperature control. 


With an AirTouch5 zone control system each room or zone has a wireless thermostat in the room which communicates the room temperature back to the master controller. The master controller then increases or decreases the amount of air flow to the room to maintain the set temperature. The master controller is run on a user friendly touch screen tablet which can be located somewhere discrete or easy to get to. The AirTouch5 system also has built in Wi-Fi connectivity and the app can be downloaded to any other phone or tablet to allow full out of home control for all system functions and zone temperatures.
Because the master controller is a standard Android tablet it can also run any other app available on the app store. So you can do online grocery shopping, watch Youtube recipes etc. The AirTouch5 can even be voice controlled by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for advanced home automation and control.

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