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Ventilation With Heat Recovery And Moisture Control

If your home suffers from condensation issues then the best way to resolve this is with a ventilation system. A ventilation system that is capable of heat recovery is the best solution as most of the heat energy from the house is not wasted, but is recovered during the ventilation process.


With a heat recovery / ventilation system moisture issues in the home are overcome as this type of system will extract the stale air while bringing fresh air into the house and warming up the fresh air using energy from the exhausted stale air. Moisture from the stale air is also extracted to the outside of the home resulting in a dry, fresh indoor environment with minimal loss of heat.

A ventilation system with no heat recovery that simply brings in air from the ceiling space can result in cold air being distributed throughout the house on cold and grey days. This is because the ceiling cavity space can be very cold if there is no sun hitting the roof to warm this space. This can be a particular problem for houses with tiled roofs as these can have very drafty ceiling spaces which can result in minimal heat retention, particularly on cold windy days.


The ideal time to install a heat recovery / ventilation system is when the house is being built as this allows for more product options to be considered but there a numerous options that are suitable for a wide range of existing homes. Some heat recovery / ventilation systems such as Lossnay from Mitsubishi Electric can be connected directly to a ducted heat pump system for even greater versatility for a total system that can do heating, cooling, fresh air ventilation, and heat recovery.
For more information on the Lossnay ventilation system please download a product brochure.

For existing homes, the HFV350 balanced ventilation system is a great option to consider as it has a compact sized heat exchanger which allows the system to be installed via most smaller ceiling manholes. This reduces the cost and complexity of most installations.
For more information on the HFV350 balanced ventilation system please download a product brochure, or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you.




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Did you know that ANZ and Westpac also offer low interest home loan top-ups which can be used to purchase a ventilation system? 

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